Help Me Father


I feel so alone and forsaken by all, why this rejection

And why do I feel like I have been put in a stall?


What did I do to deserve such treatment?

My spirit feels lost in a deep, dark, damp basement.


Everyone longs to be respected and loved,

But for some reason, all I get is to be shoved…


Into the background or closet, just so I am not see or heard,

Is it because I am fat and unsightly that their stomach seems to churn?


I know that I love you and I am trying hard to love them,

But I feel so hurt and my pain reaches out to touch your hem…


Oh if only I could touch you Lord, then I know I could touch them,

Please Father awaken this love and remove all this shame.


Beckon me to come to you, please remove all this darkness

That causes my spirit  to be in this terrible mess!


I know that it is caused by hate, bitterness and pride,

All of which will go as I walk by your side.


There is so much falseness in the church today,

So much phoniness that it keeps your Spirit at bay.


I know that you want to move in our midst,

 but your are

Blocked by the spirits of your children who act like kids.


Unruly, self-motivated, proud and haughty,

Causing their spirit to be selfish and naughty.


Can you help all of this unholy mess?

So that I can feel accepted and reach out to bless?


I do not want to continually feel left out and unloved,

If your Spirit moves then at least I will be shoved…


In the right direction, up to the pulpit where your anointing

And power will flow to heal as your WORD I sing.


Please Father help!




Written by: Gwendoly L. Fisher
©protected..July 7th, 2001

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