Welcome to the Story of the Artist Warner Sallman

Warner Sallman

One of the Greatest Artist's that ever lived!
The paintings of the Life of Christ
are some of the most inspired and
anointed paintings that I have seen.
Born in Chicago, Illinois, on April 30th, 1892
Warner Elias Sallman was the eldest of three children
born to Elias and Christiane Larson Sallman,
Immigrants from Finland and Sweden.

They reared him in the Christian faith and
encouraged his early telent in art.

Upon finishing grade school, Warner was
able to find work as an apprentice in an
art studio in Chicago. Later, he worked in a
number of studios before opening his own.

In 1916 he married Ruth Anderson, whom he met while
both were singing in the church choir. Ruth gave Warner much encouragement and support as well as constructive criticism throught his career and their life together.

During the winter of 1924, Sallman was serving as
volunteer art director for a monthly denominational
magazine. The February issue was to have an emphasis
and appeal on youth work. He was to provide the artwork
for the cover page. He spent many evenings in his upstairs
home studio, trying for a suitable subject to fit the theme,
but nothing seemed just right. Frustrated and weary, the night before the deadline, he went to bed,
praying that in the morning he would find success.
Between two and three o'clock in the morning, he awakened from his restless sleep
to see clearly the vision of the Lord in his mind's eye.

He quickly went up to his drawing board and drew a sketch of what he had seen,
feeling clamed and assured that this was the answer to his prayers,
he returned to bed and slept peacefully. In the morning, using his sketch
as a guide, he completed the charcoal drawing.

The famous picture is known world-wide as the "The Head of Christ."

In 1940, the charcoal was made into an oil painting, and so; over 500 million
prints of all sizes have been distrubuted throughout the world,
with thousands going to the men and women of the armed forces.

A demand grew for more pictures by Warner Sallman showing Christ
in various settings. Thus, a new series of religious paintings began
to come from the hand and heart of this devout Christian artist.

They shall ever live on as glowing and irrfutable evidence of what God can do
through one life wholly dedicated to Him.

Warner Sallman was called Home to be with his Lord May 25th, 1968,
following a heart attack.
He was seventy-six years old.

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